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We supply marine brokerage services for ships, yachts or recreational crafts  extending across Spain and upon owner's request in Europe with two modalities:

  • Full Service

  • Limited Service.

 Our Brokerage Full Service is in which provide our most complete services, including:

  • A preliminary study of all the documents in our Valencia office. 

  • Travelling with you to the port of survey.

  • Condition Assessment Survey (CAS) of your future ship, yacht or recreational craft. Drydock survey is recommended.

  • Audit on board relevant to plans, manuals,   documents and certificates available on board.

  • Statistical study regarding price, condition, age.

  • Running tests/sea trials if necessary.

  • Preparation of our CAS report (for your eyes only).

  • Budget control for posible repairs/mainteinance.

  • Photographic  HD report.

  • Negotiation with the seller/buyer (face-to-face).

  • Classification Societies and Marine Administration proceedings.

  •  Legal advice. We collaborate with expert lawyers for legal advice, drafting of purchase-sale contracts and agreements between the parties, proceedings in Courts and in the Property Registry.

  • Advice on the choice of insurance and search for pontoons in the Marinas.


Our Brokerage Limited-Service concentrates on:

  • Study of documentation, certification, reviewing and auditing.

  • Publishing in specialized marine lists/web pages including our web pages googleship.es, googleyacht.es, googleboat.es

  • Statistical analysis price vs condition/age study of marine databases.

  • Buy/sell process.

Please contact our Commercial Department for service fee.