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We will perform this operation on your vessel to determine the amount of bulk load charged/discharged. Our naval engineer based on maritime rules and guidelines after taking the density of the water where the ship is found will proceed to the reading of the initial and final drafts, and taking into account the variation of weights onboard (freshwater, fuels, spares

, etc.), will elaborate the calculations in a standard report surrendering finally the attestation of the test carried out.

Flag surveys


Flag State Inspections (FSI) are used by flag states to ensure satisfactory standards are being maintained onboard vessels flying their flag.


Flag State Inspections are carried out by approved Flag State Inspectors and include verification of statutory documentation and a general examination of the vessel's structure, machinery and equipment as well as a more thorough inspection and/or operational testing of fire fighting equipment, life-saving appliances and safety equipment.


Inspections normally also include verification of compliance with all applicable rules and regulations, e.g. Flag State Circulars, WHO and ILO conventions.


Valencia Marine Services has started the proceedings to get the certification as Flag Surveyors for several Maritime Administrations.